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If you are searching for an online shop that sells cheap but classy replica watches, The Finest Timepieces should be on your list. For about $120 USD, you can start wearing a Rolex sports replica watch like the Air King and the GMT Master II. Apart from these attention-grabbing timepieces, this site also markets stylish bags that have an appeal especially to today’s female bag shoppers.

Ewatches Now is one of the sites that prioritize customer satisfaction. Most replica watch collectors who don’t want to spend much on genuine ones drop by to this online store because of the irresistible prices and discounts this site offers. Among its bestsellers are replicas of Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, Omega, Panerai and Tag Heuer. Aside from timepieces, box sets, key chains, cufflinks and other branded accessories at very affordable prices.

This is one of the sites that offer the cheapest replica watch that you can ever find on the Internet. For just $99 USD, you can start wearing a classy Breitling timepiece with a black dial. With this price, you will surely be encouraged to buy more. Aside from that, you have a chance to avail of its free shipping service if your purchase hits more than $299 USD. Great deal, isn’t it?

Although this site requires consumers to reach above $500 USD to avail of its free shipping service, a lot of online customers still patronize this site because of the quality of its products and great customer service it provides. Branded accessories such as lighters and cufflinks can also be purchased from this site. So if you are looking for possible gift items for this upcoming holiday season, you should check out Replica Watch Collector.

Limited Editions Watches is one of the replica watch sites that will definitely satisfy your taste when it comes to branded timepieces. Not only that. This site offers a 15% discount for consumers who buy two or more items. When it comes to prices, this online shop is also the one to beat. For instance, Limited Editions Watches sells a high-quality Rolex Submariner for just $89 USD, way cheaper than those that are being offered from other sites.

Although the design of the site seems legit to some, most consumers who have availed of its products and service say that this site falls short when it comes to offering new replica watch models. Aside from that, this online replica store doesn’t have a chat support option provided for customers and it usually takes a long time before it can reply to the queries of customers. Skip this site if you don’t want to be hassled.

This Web-based shop looks fine to most online customers. However, this site doesn’t accept payment through credit card. The only mode of payment it adopts is the cash-on-delivery type, which may incite doubts among cautious online customers. As long-time buyers of replica timepieces, we highly recommend that you should make your online shopping using your credit card.

If you are among the people who want to talk to customer representatives through chat or telephone, you shouldn’t consider visiting You might end up annoyed because this site usually takes a while to respond to questions or address concerns of its customers. For sure, there are other replica watch sites out there who are worthy of your time and money.

  • The Finest Timepieces
    Review by Admin | 2 days ago

    Another Web-based replica shop that offers customers great deals and discounts for that special someone is the Finest Timepieces. This site prides itself in selling eye-catching Rolex sports watches that will not strain your pocket if you decide to buy them. For the upcoming occasion, you can now purchase the Rolex Submariner replica from the Finest Timepieces for only $129. Affordable isn't it? The online store also offers Rolex Oyster Perpetual replicas that come in different designs and can be bought for $139 each.

  • e Watches Now
    Review by Admin | 2 days ago

    If you are searching for first-rate Rolex sports watches that are really affordable, you should visit This site offers the sleek Rolex Daytona replica with functional chronograph dials and Rolex Submariner with stunning blue dial and bezel. If you want your items to be delivered right at your doorstep without paying for the shipping, you may avail of its free shipping coupon that is valid for only a few hours. For a limited time period, the site is offering 15% discount if you’re going to buy two or more items, may it be a timepiece, a bag or any accessories.

  • Real Designer Watches
    Review by Admin | 2 days ago

    Real Designer Watches is not only known in selling high-quality Rolex replicas. It also offers exact copies of Breitling, Cartier, Breguet, Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani and other luxury brands. This Mother’s Day, the site has released a new collection of ALange Sohne, Audemars Piguet and Bell & Ross replica watches with attractive designs that are hard to resist. If your purchase is worth more than $299, Real Designer Watches will shoulder the shipping cost. Placing your order with Real Designer Watches is very easy. To keep yourself from experiencing any hassles, just encode the right billing address and credit card details once you order online. Enjoy your online shopping!

  • Replica Watch Collector
    Review by Admin | 2 days ago

    Aside from the elegance exhibited by Replica Watch Collector’s site, this online shop offers sophisticated and classy replica timepieces that are really hard to snob. Aside from attention-getting Rolex sports watches like Rolex Yacht-Master II, Daytona and Explorer, the site can let you feel like James Bond with its Omega Seamaster with stunning orange bezel. With Replica Watch Collector, your order must be above $500 to avail of its free shipping promotion. That’s a bit high compared with other sites that offer free shipping for purchases worth more than $300. On the one hand, you will not regret ordering from Replica Watch Collector because their attractive timepieces can really withstand the test of time.

  • Limited Editions Watches
    Review by Admin | 2 days ago

    Whatever the occasion, you can count on Limited Editions Watches. This Rolex replica site introduced new replica watch models for 2011, ranging from Rolex to Ferrari and Pershing brands. You can also avail of its 15% discount if you buy two timepieces. At Limited Editions Watches, you can buy elegant Rolex timepieces at very cheap prices. With this Web-based shop, an automatic movement-based Rolex Yacht-Master Platinum replica watch can be purchased for just $89. The site also offers designer bags, wallets and other accessories.

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The Finest Timepieces

e Watchesnow

Real Designer Watches

Limited Editions Watches

St. Michael Watches

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  • "The Rolex Yacht-Master II replica I got from Replica Watch Collector is truly amazing. I immediately checked the watch’s case, dial, engravings, etc., once the delivery arrived and I can’t say a negative thing about the item. It really looks like the original! Thanks for introducing the site."

  • "I can’t believe I’m now wearing an Omega Speedmaster watch that I bought from for less than $150. The bezel and the dial really look stunning. It really exceeded my expectations. I was supposed to buy the original one that I plan to use during formal engagements. Good thing, I have stumbled upon this site! It somehow taught me to be more practical."

  • "I enjoy collecting both original and replica luxury watches. With Saint Michael Watches, I was able to add new replica timepieces to my collections that are truly eye-catching and affordable. The site has a wide array of Rolex sports watches that are really hard to resist. I would definitely buy again from this site."

  • "The 18K gold Cartier Baignoire Allongee replica I got from really looks stunning on my wrist! By just looking at it, I can’t imagine I bought it for only $129. The gemstones on the bezel really captivated me. They sparkle like authentic diamonds. Now I have a watch I can wear during events at the office. Thanks eWatchesnow! Keep those new Cartier models coming!"

  • "My Tag Heuer Mercedes Benz SLR Chronograph I ordered from Real Designer Watches has finally arrived after waiting for just 6 days. The product really exhibits brilliant craftsmanship. Because of this purchase, I’m now a fan of replica watches. I would definitely place another order with Real Designer Watches. Thanks again for delivering a great product and providing me with excellent service! "

Interesting Facts about Replica Rolex Watches

You may have seen some fabulous looking Rolex watches in your life and you may also have considered buying one in a hundred years -when you have saved enough money to afford to pay such a hefty price, but you may not know there is a very affordable option for lovers of Rolex watches, namely the replica Rolex timepieces. Many Rolex fans around the world have come to the conclusion that buying a replica watch when the original is too expensive is the best thing to do in order to see your dream come true in minimum time and hassle-free. There are several reasons why they do so.

Replica Rolex watches look exactly the same as the genuine watches and this striking resemblance is the result of the perfect design as well as the high quality materials used to make replica Rolexes.

Another serious reason is that replicas will match any dress style and can be worn by men and women alike. The last, but not the least important reason for the Rolex replica popularity is definitely the price. While a genuine Rolex will leave the average customer in debt for years to come, anyone can afford to pay up to $99, which is the highest price that a replica Rolex can be purchased for.

There is also a psychological reason for people's interest in Rolex replica watches. When you are wearing one around your wrist, you feel as good as you would do while wearing the original.

This is because few people can tell a replica Rolex from the genuine watch, due to the precision it has been designed with and the attractive style -which is a carbon copy of the real Rolex. What else would you expect from a watch? If it makes you feel like the king or queen of the neighborhood, why would you spend a fortune on a Rolex watch instead of buying the replica? Only a reckless or unwise individual would throw money away like that (except for the very rich, of course).

Now you know why a replica is worth buying so the next thing you should do is search the web for online shops which sell such magnificent timepieces. You will soon find the dream watch out there waiting for you.


A Closer Look at Breitling Replica Montbrilliant Datora

Montbrilliant is one of the lines of self-winding chronograph movement that was launched by Breitling. The Montbrilliant collection from the Swiss luxury watch maker boasts of four innovative watch variants. These include the Montbrilliant Legende, the Montbrilliant 47, the Montbrilliant 01 and the Montbrilliant Datora.

During the 1940s, this Breitling Montbrilliant Datora has become the bestselling timepiece of Breitling. This innovative watch was developed by Breitling is known for its unique way of showing the date.

Housed in the 43-mm case of the Montbrilliant Datora timepiece is the Swiss luxury watch firm’s calibre 21, self-winding mechanical movement. The steel case usually comes in red gold. This certified chronometer has a dial that comes in different hues and has three chronograph sub-dials positioned at 6, 9 and 12 o’clock. The dial of this certified chronometer comes in either silver or black. A small dial at 12 o’clock shows the current month and day of the week. A large circular shape can be seen at the center of the watch dial. This big circle comes in red.

The Montbrilliant Datora is a water-resistant watch. It can withstand water of up to 3 bars. This water-resistant feature can be attributed to the watch’s non-screw-locked crown and two gaskets. The watch’s face is equipped with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal that is scratch-resistant.

The Montbrilliant Datora from Breitling, which has a power reserve of up to 42 hours, is equipped with a bidirectional bezel. This bezel comes with a circular slide rule, which is used to enable pilots to calculate several parameters like rate of climb, flight distance, fuel consumption and airspeed.

With the demand for cheaper Montbrilliant Datora watches, some watch replica makers have introduced Breitling replica versions of the Datora. The Breitling replica version of the Montbrilliant Datora watch is usually equipped with Asia chronograph movement. The replica Breitling Datora also comes with a rotatable bezel equipped with a slide rule.

Just like the original, the Breitling replica Datora also has three chronograph dials and a solid stainless steel case, which doesn’t fade quickly or incur damage.

To safeguard the replica Breitling watch from scratch and unflattering spots, some Breitling replica watch makers are arming the replica with a cover made of sapphire crystal. Positioned at 12 o’clock is a dial that shows the specific day of the week and the current month.


The Omega Replica Ladymatic Timepiece: A Perfect Gift for Your Special Girl

Most girls love to get presents. Either it is a luxury handbag or a pair of diamond earrings, they will definitely receive it with open arms. One of the accessories that we can recommend to give to your special ones is an Omega timepiece.

There are a lot of Omega watch models to choose from. One of the Omega stunning timepieces is the Ladymatic. Originally unveiled in 1955, the Omega Ladymatic is designed specifically for women. If your girl is fond of diamonds, she will surely love this timepiece.

The Omega Ladymatic timepiece features a dial that comes in white, brown or black. It has a unique wave pattern that evokes femininity and elegance. Serving as the hour markers on the dial of the Omega Ladymatic are diamonds, giving the watch a different kind of glow. Even the diamonds can also be seen on the beveled bezel.

Housed in the 34 mm case is the Swiss luxury watch brand’s Co-Axial caliber 8520/8521 mechanical movement. You can watch the beauty of the movement through the Omega Ladymatic’s transparent case back equipped with a sapphire crystal.

To address the demand for an affordable Omega Ladymatic watch, some Web-based shops have started offering replica Omega versions that can be purchased for as low as $100 USD.

An Omega replica Ladymatic watch is usually adorned with cubic zirconia stones, which can mimic the luster of real diamonds. These cubic zirconia stones are safely mounted on the dial and on the bezel.

Like the original watch, the replica Omega Ladymatic timepiece features a sapphire crystal that is scratch-resistant. The sapphire crystal is also used as a material for the case back of the Omega replica watch.

The elegant wave pattern can also be seen on the dial. Positioned at 3 o’clock is an aperture that discreetly displays the date. The Swiss luxury watch maker’s logo and other markings are also hand-applied.

Although Omega replica watches are abundant on the Internet, it is advisable for consumers to be cautious. Thus, it is vital to look for reliable suppliers that offer replica Omega Ladymatic watches made of high-quality materials.


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